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  • Jay - Punxsutawnay, PA
    My fathers chair arrived yesterday and everything look good. Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.
  • Natalie - Hunt Valley, MD
    From the time I looked at various places from which to buy my Scooter, I realized "This was the best company." It was not a difficult transaction and within 10-12 days I had my merchandise. Should I need other medical merchandise I will definitely use this company.
  • Willis - Santa Fe, TX
    The chair was delivered this morning in good order. We are pleased and Freda is happy with her new chair. I met with the maintenance man Clint and we are all happy with your firm and each other.
  • Jerry and Rebecca Gleich - Indiana
    I just wanted to thank you for your help in ordering the AmeriGlide Scooter. Easy to put together. Becky is very happy and looking forward to using it.
  • Miller Murphy - Greenwood SC
    My wife worked with you regarding getting a lift chair for my mom. She loves it!! We have already received two thank you notes from her about the chair. So let us thank you too! Your help with ordering the chair was invaluable and we appreciated the way you saved us some money!! Take Care, MM
  • Ernie - USA
    The stair lift was easy to install. The print on the instructions could be larger though. Mom is 92. She is able to use the lift by herself and that is good. When she is not here, my wife is using a dumb waiter to move stuff up and down the stairs. Ernie
  • Jim Bolte - USA
    Stair lift installed, looks and works GREAT! Thanks for all your help, couldn't have done it without you!!!
  • Clark DeLange - Utah
    We ordered a lift chair for my father-in-law on Monday and we were happily surprised when it was delivered today (just three days). Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service. We'll be sure to shop with you in the future if we have other needs.
  • Craig - Bellingham, Massachusetts
    Thanks so much. It has been a real pleasure working with you. You have been extremely helpful and very easy to work with in this entire process. It really helped me a lot to be able to have such a smooth transaction.
  • Suzanne C. - Houston, Texas
    We haven't had our chair quite a year yet, but it would take an army to come take it back! We use it every day (including my husband) and many times every night. It really helps us get the pain in our backs under control and helps us to relax all over. Can't say enough good things about it.
  • Stephanie O. - San Jose, California

    I would like to thank [your customer service agent] at US Medical Supplies for his friendly and helpful customer service that I experienced when ordering the Pride lift chairs for my folks. My overall experience with him and this company has been excellent...from speaking with [him], contacting the delivery service and the delivery person.

    The chairs were delivered in less than a week and everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly. My folks are happily enjoying their electric lift chairs. Thank you US Medical Supplies for the Best Price and Best Service. My family and I are very satisfied.

  • Diane D - Palmyra, New York

    I just wanted to tell you how amazed we were to receive the chair on Wednesday. I did not expect it for 3-4 weeks and we received it in 3 days!!

    And if that were not enough-- the chair is extremely well made. It has comfortable, firm seating which is very responsive to the remote. It is also incredibly quiet. This is the top of the line and well worth every penny. Plus it is made in America!

    Thanks for the excellent customer service too! This whole experience was just wonderful. Thank you all for a top notch job.

  • Gina - California

    I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about the awesome customer care I received [from your customer service agent]. I have progressive M S and had to call back three times because between myself and my disabled husband, we couldn't get all of our questions straight.

    [He] was so patient and helpful, and he has a great sense of humor! Once we decided on the chair, it didn't have the warranty available that we wanted. No problem. [He] helped us find another one at a great price and after discussing our inability to lift we will have Pride come out.

    I was really concerned about whether I could lift it. Yes, the assembly is easy, but not the lifting. I just can't and neither can my husband.

    When I hung up, and the order was complete, I felt very comfortable with the purchase. Unlike most online purchases that leave a person wondering and a bit on edge until the product gets there.

    We want to thank [your rep] and he should be commended on outstanding customer care. Because of his awesome customer care I will refer others to you.

  • Tammy - Texas
    I wanted to let you know that we have received my mom's chair. She was a bit apprehensive about ordering a chair sight unseen. However she couldn't be more pleased. The chair is of good construction, and the fabric matches perfectly. I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks. I really appreciate your help with this purchase.
  • Simon Stratis - USA
    Wonderful chair! Your shipping estimate of 7 days turned out to be 3 days, which was wonderful as my wife was being moved into a new home the next morning and everything was ready for her. Best of all, she loved the chair equally well.
  • Dennis Mollura - USA
    I really like my scooter. Everything is as described and promised. Good power, battery life and climbing ability. I have traveled maybe 25-30 miles on it already.
  • Stratis Simon - USA
    Wonderful lift chair! Your note about shipping in approx. 7 days turned out to be 3 days which was wonderful as my wife was being moved into the new home the next morning and everything was ready for her. Best of all, she loved the lift chair equally well.
  • Jimmy and Penny F. - Tennessee
    We recently got the scooter and the carrier. The Victory 10 3 wheel scooter and the Econo Carrier 500. The best scooter we have ever owned. You treated us fair and your were very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks for taking the time for us. The scooter looks and runs great. Very reliable and durable. Very long battery life. Works great in stores and across level ground or pavement with no problems. The Econo Carrier is easy to install, easy to use and also very durable. I got the scooter for my wife who has mobility problems and she gives the scooter a personal two thumbs up. We highly recommend this scooter for anyone looking for a durable 3 wheel scooter.
  • Jacques Bellenand - Santiago, Chile
    Absolutely as good as expected: an excellent mobility scooter. Regards.
  • Bill A. - Versailles, OH
    ...Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know we have the AmeriGlide AC stair lift installed and it is great. I want to thank you for helping me when I called you and it is my pleasure to do business with you. Well, take care and yes I would recommend you to anyone I know.
  • J. Howell - U.S.
    I want to thank you very much for the way you handled my order. The lift chair arrived Friday and I had it all together and charged up in an hour. I then got it over to my 88 year old mother and she is just thrilled with it - perfect fit, perfect features. We are simply delighted. I shall spread the word to my many friends and business associates that if they have a similar need, do not pass go, do not collect $200... just call U.S. Medical Supplies with the confidence that you'll be treated right.
  • Carol - New York City
    Thank you for your courteous service as well as the discount you gave me on your already excellent prices. I'm sure my mother will be very happy with her lift chair. The best thanks is word-of-mouth referral.
  • Margaret - Kentucky
    I have received my AmeriGlide Bath Lift and used it several times. It is everything I was promised, i.e. easy to use and satisfactory. Even though I am not too handicapped to step into the tub and use the shower, I was not able to submerge in the water. It is wonderful to be able to soak my aching joints in the warm water again. It is far superior to remodeling the bathroom to accommodate the step-in tubs now being promoted.
  • Kathy - Pennsylvania
    The GL-358M is a great liftchair and I'd give it 5 stars. It makes it so much easier for my Dad to get in and out of the chair and I don't have to worry about him falling. I'd recommend the chair to anyone in need of a chair like this.
  • Rita - North Carolina
    Just wanted to touch base w/ you. My mother received her lift recliner yesterday & absolutely loves it! The fit is perfect, the color's wonderful, & she's a happy little camper! Thank you again for your guidance in my chair selection. Your recommendation was definitely the right choice. I gave you the info re: my mother's health issues & size, as well as telling you which one I "liked" the best, & you recommended the 530S. After viewing your site again, I questioned you about the chair you suggested & 2 that I had also found. You were confident that the 530S was the chair for my mother & I went w/ your knowledgeable suggestion. I am so happy I did! You were 100% right! It's perfect for her. Thank you again for all your assistance!
  • Toni - Illinois
    I appreciate this opportunity to say thank you, the bath lift is doing just great! My wife uses it with great comfort and satisfaction. We are glad we bought the better unit because of the ease of storage. If there is a concern it would be the total weight of the unit. However quality products are usually heavier than the economical models.
  • Joseph Dorazio - Pittsburgh
    Thank you for the great service! The lift chair was ordered on Saturday 12/5 and it was delivered to the house on Wednesday 12/09. It is a very nice chair and my parents are both very pleased.
  • Jane - California
    Thank you so much for your help with my mother's electric lift chair. Everything was perfect. Would strongly recommend this chair, my mother loves it. The blue is perfect. The chair arrived one hour after her return from the hospital. We still don't know how she would have managed. The surgery went well. Thank you.
  • Mary Neyhard - North Carolina
    I have been meaning to write to you since I got back from North Carolina. My sister's wheelchair arrived on Wednesday, September 9th - just like you promised. She was surprised to get this gift, since I did not tell her about it in advance. The wheelchair came fully assembled and it was much lighter than her previous one. I love the way it folds up because that makes it easier to fit in the trunk of her car. Even her 12 yr old son can easily maneuver it. Your customer service level was above and beyond. You understood my concern with having this item shipped promptly, since I was driving from Northern VA to NC (6 hours) to visit my sister but I had to return to work on Sept 10th. You were friendly on the phone, and followed through with the tracking number just like you promised. Thank you for your exceptional service. I really appreciate it.
  • Sandra Cain - Texas
    I am truly enjoying my recently purchased liftchair. I had been confined mostly to my bed because I have rheumatoid arthritis and could not stand up without the help of someone strong enough to pull me up to my feet. My new lift chair lifts me up gently to a full standing position so that I can then use my walker. I can now spend time in my living room watching TV or visiting with friends and family members.
  • Dr. Barry Markson - Tuscon, AZ
    In today's world of ecommerce, it isn't often that a sales person is courteous but when they are absolutely magnificent and go way beyond the norm they deserve kudos and probably a plaque. I could have easily gone someplace else for a lift chair but because of your diligence, honesty, and willingness to work with me, my wife and I made the decision that no matter what, we would stick with you to help us get the chair we wanted.
  • Carol H - Olympia, WA
    Just wanted to let you know the stair lift was very easy to install. It took me a little over 3 hours to do. The best advice to someone installing is to pre-read the instruction as so you can understand the whole process and of course use them while installing.
  • Horace A. Evans - Douglassville, PA
    What a pleasure. We should have gotten one a long time ago. My wife and I each have trouble getting up and down our stairs, but not now. We both have had a bit of physical trouble - strokes, etc. We have two stair lifts since our stairway is split up with a landing between two floors. We are pleased with our stair lifts and they make a great appearance also. The men that installed it for us were very nice and helpful and did a nice job. I will recommend U.S. Medical Supplies to my many friends. Thanks again for such a nice stair lift. It was nice working with you.
  • Bob Rix - California
    I received my new Pride Legend Scooter yesterday and I am delighted. It only took about 30 minutes to assemble (most of that time was getting it out of the box - ha ha). I have been riding it all over the neighborhood today and took it to the VA for one of my appointments. I was the envy of the crowd. I told them where they could get one just like it or one of the other various styles you have available. If I decide to come out of retirement, maybe I'll sell scooters (double ha ha). I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance and you never know, I might drum up some business.
  • Pam C - USA
    Thank you for emailing me. My dad is very pleased with his new lift chair. We were very well satisfied with the order over all - the ordering and the delivery and the product. Thank you very much and if in the future we need anything else we will be sure to contact you again. I have a few people that I have given your web site to.
  • Mrs. Gloria Volpe - U.S.
    I bought a liftchair from U.S. Medical & love it. I don't see how you can improve the quality of this chair. It is so comfortable that some evenings when I wake up in the middle of the night, I lay back in the chair & go right back to sleep. The material is so soft and cuddly. I would recommend this chair to anyone. I had a cheaper lift chair that was not comfortable at all. It pays to add the difference & get the more expensive one. It was worth it. Thank you for recommending it.
  • Marilyn Blizard - USA
    If any of you are looking for medical supplies such as lift chairs, adjustable beds, etc., you might like to consider looking into the web site of U.S. Medical Supplies at The Lift Chair we ordered for Mom was delivered ahead of schedule, which made my 95 year-old mother break out in a big smile. This was especially true as the price including delivery was hundreds of dollars cheaper than a local business. This means a lot in these tight economic times. I don't mind telling all my friends about how great it is to find a company such as this. I'm not getting any credits or whatever from this endorsement, but only the great satisfaction of sharing good news.
  • Linda N. - Portland, Oregan
    I want to thank you for the excellent service in the production and delivery of the Ameriglide stair lift. It's fabulous and exactly as advertised! It was easy to install: a friend installed it in an evening with no difficulty. It works beautifully with a smooth and safe ride. It looks great and blends right in with the molding on the staircase itself. Of course, I've found many uses for the stair lift besides transporting humans. I send the laundry up and down, so no more worrying about tripping while carrying a heavy basket. I strap the canister vacuum cleaner on the seat and no longer have to lug it up and down the stairs. It carries books, food, whatever you need. I love this and really appreciate the correct instructions, ease of installation and speed of delivery.
  • Kenneth Boud & Cheryl Hartman - U.S.
    I would like to thank you for all the effort you put into my daughter's wheelchair delivery when I explained that she fell and hurt her good leg. I was in a panic because she was hurting so bad. I think you went above and beyond your obligation, especially when UPS lost the chair in shipment on Friday. You contacted Pride on Monday to get another one delivered the next day Tuesday. I know I was a pest calling you but you returned all my calls and understood the urgency of the situation and that was a comfort to me. If she needs any accessories for the chair I will make sure to buy them from you. I will recommend you and your company to anyone that needs any medical equipment that your company sells.
  • John - USA
    Thank you! The lift recliner chair was delivered today - it is perfect for her. You guys really impressed me with the way in which you handled this order - will be checking your site later and plan to order other items. Thanks again!
  • Verna and Dave Reese - USA
    We couldn't believe it. The stair lift was here in 3 days. It took Dave an hour and a half to put together. He said it was real easy. It was a perfect fit. I really like it. It runs real smooth. Dave said if you ever need an installer in this area you can call him. Thanks again. You were right, we made the best choice.
  • Deb Bolden - USA
    Thank you US Medical Supply so much for always having what I need at your store. I was in a serious car accident 9 years ago and still wear this boot and it is so important to me. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. Take care now.
  • John G - Dallas, TX
    We love shopping at your web site. Easy to use and excellent prices. We have now been buying products from you for about 5 years. We really like this new version of your site. Thanks for the great service.
  • Alice G - San Jose, CA
    Thanks for all your help, I called in for advice and your staff helped be select the correct unit for me.
  • Mary P - Greenville, SC
    Thank you for the quick service. My order arrived only 3 days after placing the order. I will be using your service again.